Kurihama ⇔ Kanaya A 40-minute cruise.

Kurihama Port 046-835-8855
Kanaya Port  0439-69-2111
Main office   
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The Tokyo Wan Ferry ticket and fun spots are now together

Great ticket

*Set prices will be revised from April 2024, 4 (Monday). For more information, please check the page for each set ticket.

Save ¥ 2,880 /

Outlet shopping ticket 3,000 yen +
Ferry round-trip vehicle fare

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\ MAX 2,880 yen discount /

Mother ranch
Sheep & Ferry Car Set Ticket

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\ MAX 1,060 yen discount /

Mother ranch
One-day free plan

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\ MAX 3,480 yen discount /

Kamogawa Sea World
Ocean view ticket
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\ MAX 2,480 yen discount /

Aloha Garden Tateyama
Ferry car pack

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Effortlessly play on the Tokyo Wan Ferry!Golf all-in-one pack

Tokyo Bayside Golf Course
& ferry pack (walk or vehicle)

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Japan PGA Golf Club
& ferry pack (vehicle)

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