Kurihama ⇔ Kanaya A 40-minute cruise.

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For passengers boarding by motorcycle or bicycle

 Please be sure to read the following details before boarding a motorcycle or bicycle.

Number of boarding Motorcycles ・ ・ ・ Approximately 24
* The number of units may be limited during times of congestion or stormy weather at sea.
About boarding ・ You will be boarding before the passenger car.
・ After boarding, follow the instructions of the staff and bring the left side of the car body to the inner wall of the ship.
・ Please do not lock the handle.
・ For motorcycles with gears, turn off the engine and then put it in low gear.
How to fix the car body  For motorcycles, for safety reasons, they are fixed using lashing belts or ropes.The belt and the cushioning part of the car body (side cover, frame, etc.) may rub slightly due to the shaking of the ship.Please note.
About during the voyage ・ Please note that the car body may be splashed when the sea is rough.
・ Please do not hang the helmet on the helmet holder of the car body, bring it into the guest room and manage it by yourself.We cannot compensate for scratches on the helmet.
Other  If the car body is scratched or dirty, please let us know on the spot.We cannot accept offers after disembarking.