Kurihama ⇔ Kanaya A 40-minute cruise.

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About route standards

Notice about route standards

The decision on whether or not to operate the Tokyo Wan Ferry (Kanaya / Kurihama route) is based on the safety management regulations.
There is an operating standard that if both Kanaya and Kurihama ports exceed the following weather conditions, they must be suspended.

Wind speed 18m / s or more, wave height 1.2m or more, visibility 500m or less 

Regarding the wind direction, it is characterized by swells when the wind from the south to west blows strongly, and no swells when the wind from the north blows.In addition, when a typhoon or low pressure system passes through the Pacific Ocean side, large swells may occur even if there is no wind.Even if the above conditions are not exceeded, the operation may be unavoidably suspended if the captain recognizes the danger of operation.

Please contact us on our website or by phone for information on service suspensions.