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Japan PGA Golf Club & Ferry My Car Pack

A great pack that combines the ferry vehicle fare and golf 1R play

Great ticket

Contents Ferry passenger car round-trip boarding ticket (XNUMX people including driver) + XNUMXR play fee for XNUMX people, expenses, passenger cart fee, consumption tax, lunch (limited menu)
* Some menus have a difference for lunch.
FeePosted below

Japan PGA Golf Club

Please say "Ferry My Car Pack"
TEL: 0439-37-3700
FAX: 0439-37-3501

PaymentOn the day of the event, please purchase a coupon in cash at the Tokyo Bay Ferry Kurihama window.
please note
There is an exemption date.If you have any questions, please contact the Japan PGA Club directly.
  1. Please pay the golf course usage tax at the front of the golf course
  2. Credit cards cannot be used with this pack.

Price list for July 2024

My car pack

If you wish to have a caddy, please apply separately at the time of booking 4,400 yen (4B).