Kurihama ⇔ Kanaya A 40-minute cruise.

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Kanaya Port  0439-69-2111
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Mother Farm Day Trip Free Plan

Easy day trip ticket from Kurihama Port to Mother Farm on foot

Great ticket

Contents From Kurihama Port
Round-trip ferry fare + direct bus fare to Mother Farm + round-trip bus fare + Mother Farm admission ticket
setting date

* The yellow day on the calendar is the set date.
*There is no setting from November 2022 to February 11.
We will inform you about the schedule after March 2023 as soon as it is decided.

Adult rates One way 2,690 yen
(Regular fee 3,280 yen Save 590 yen!
Round trip 3,670 yen
(Regular fee 4,860 yen Save 1,190 yen!
Child fee One way 1,350 yen
(Regular fee 1,690 yen Save 340 yen!
Round trip 1,820 yen
(Regular fee 2,480 yen Save 660 yen!
please note This pack isCredit cards cannot be used..Please purchase at the ferry counter on the day of boarding.Mother Farm is closed on holidaysHome Page to confirm.

Connection table


  • Refer to the flight date calendar
  • 09:25 Kurihama Port ferry boarding
  • About 40 minutes on board
  • Arrive at Kanaya Port
  • About 10 minutes by Nitto Bus at 15:40
  • Arrive at 10:55 Mother Farm


  • Refer to the flight date calendar
  • 15:20 departure Mother Farm
  • Nitto bus about 40 minutes
  • Arrive at Kanaya Port
  • 16:30 departure ferry boarding
  • About 40 minutes on board
  • 17:10 Arrival Kurihama Port

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