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Kamogawa Sea World Ocean View Ticket

This is a great set ticket that combines the ferry vehicle fare and the Kamogawa Sea World admission ticket.

Great ticket

MessageFrom Kurihama Port
 Ferry fare for XNUMX passenger car and XNUMX adults (XNUMX driver + XNUMX passenger) + Kamogawa Sea World Admission ticket for XNUMX adults
Set feeOne way 9,100 yen
(Regular fee 11,300 yen Save 2,200 yen!
expiration date Valid for XNUMX days including release date
Round trip 12,100 yen
(Regular fee 15,400 yen Save 3,300 yen!
expiration date Valid for 7 days including release date
Sales locationone way···Kurihama boarding ticket sales window / Kamogawa Sea World window
round trip···
Kurihama boarding ticket sales window
additional feePlease purchase separately for the number of people exceeding XNUMX adults (including the driver).
please note(XNUMX) Passenger cars up to XNUMXm are eligible.
(XNUMX) The child classification is different in both facilities. 
Tokyo Bay Ferry Elementary school student / Kamogawa Sea World 4 years old and over to junior high school students

This set isCredit cards cannot be used..Please purchase at the ferry counter on the day of boarding.For more information on Kamogawa Sea WorldHome Page to confirm.
* Kamogawa Sea World is closed.
Please check the closed days from the Kamogawa Sea World website.

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