Kurihama ⇔ Kanaya A 40-minute cruise.

Kurihama Port 046-835-8855
Kanaya Port  0439-69-2111
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Kurihama Port / Kanaya Port

  1. Kurihama Port
  2. Kanaya Port

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Kurihama Port

Kurihama Port DATA

Residence 239-0831-8 Kurihama, Yokosuka City, 17-20
TEL 046-835-8855
FAX 046-836-4213
Paid parking100 units (Fee: 1 yen once a day, 1 yen for a sightseeing boarding)

Quick charger for electric vehicles

We have installed a "quick charger for electric vehicles" in the parking lot of Kurihama Terminal.You can use it by entering your membership card or the password you obtained in advance.


Keihin Electric Express Railway Kurihama Line "Keikyu Kurihama StationGet off (about 2.1km to the port)
-Taxi About 800 minutes (about XNUMX yen)
-[Keikyu Bus] Bus Stop No. XNUMX 
"Hisashi XNUMXTokyo Bay Ferry Yuki ”about 10 minutes
"Hisashi XNUMXNobi Kaigan Tokyo Bay Ferry Yuki ”Approximately 12 minutes (200 yen) * IC is 199 yen
Bus timetable → [Tokyo Bay Ferry Yuki (To)] [Kurihama Station Yuki (return)

JR Yokosuka Line "Kurihama StationGet off (about XNUMXkm to the port)
・ Taxi about 800 minutes (about XNUMX yen)
-[Keikyu Bus] Bus Stop No. XNUMX
"Nobi Kaigan Yuki" Approximately 10 minutes (200 yen) * IC is 199 yen

[Visit by car] Yokohama Yokosuka Road Approximately XNUMXkm from Sahara IC Approximately XNUMX minutes

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Kanaya Port

Kanaya Port DATA

Residence 299 Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba 1861-4303
TEL 0439-69-2111
FAX 0439-69-8024
Paid parking60 cars (Fee: Usually 1 yen once a day, 1 yen for a sightseeing boarding)


 JR Uchibo Line "Hamakanaya Station500m from "8 minutes on foot"

[Visit by car]
Futtsu Tateyama Road About 3km from Futtsu Kanaya IC About 5 minutes
127m from the Kanaya Port Ferry entrance on Route 100

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