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Mifune seal project

The "Mifune Stamp Tour Project" has started at target shipping companies nationwide.Tokyo Bay Ferry sells as follows.

[Mifune seal / Mifune seal book sale]
Sales location: Mifune stamp ⇒ Onboard stand Official Mifune stamp book ⇒ Onboard stand, each port shop
*Sold only during business hours.
About business hourshere

Sales price: ◇ Mifune stamp + stamp mount set \ 300 (tax included)

◇ Official Mifune Seal Book \ 2,200 (tax included)

     <If you purchase the official Mifune seal book at the shop on board, you will receive a Mifune seal as a gift>

[Mifune seal design]


* Mifune stamps for each design can only be purchased on that ship..
 Kanaya Maru Shop ⇒ Kanaya Maru Design Shirahama Maru Shop ⇒ Shirahama Maru Design

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