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Mifune seal project

The "Mifune Stamp Tour Project" has started at target shipping companies nationwide.Tokyo Bay Ferry sells as follows.

[Mifune seal / Mifune seal book sale]
Sales location: Mifune stamp ⇒ Onboard stand Official Mifune stamp book ⇒ Onboard stand, each port shop
*Sold only during business hours.
About business hourshere

Sales price: ◇ Mifune stamp + stamp mount set \ 300 (tax included)

◇ Official Mifune Seal Book \ 2,200 (tax included)

     <If you purchase the official Mifune seal book at the shop on board, you will receive a Mifune seal as a gift>

[Mifune seal design]


*Mifune seals of each design can only be purchased on the relevant ship.However, it will be possible to purchase in bulk on the operating ships only on the days of the B schedule.

 Kanaya Maru Shop ⇒ Kanaya Maru Design Shirahama Maru Shop ⇒ Shirahama Maru Design / Kurofune Design

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