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2022 short throw

A little throwing event that even beginners can enjoy!

You can enjoy fishing with peace of mind because there are professionals!

 “Choi Nage Boso Tribe” will be held again this year, where you can enjoy throwing fishing on the coast of Minamiboso! Haru Katsuki and Hunter Ota, who are familiar with "GO! GO! Kyu-chan Fishing", participate!In addition, the famous professional angler Kenji Hayashi will teach you the basics and manners of throwing fishing in a fun way.

 The beach in Futtsu is spacious, well-ventilated, and perfect for social distancing!

Event Details

<Date held>
October 10 (Sat) and 8 (Sun)

Futtsu Beach (Shimosu Beach)

<Participation fee>
① A little throwing day trip 1 yen per day (bait fee / rig fee)
②Accommodation + small throw 2 days 12,000 yen (accommodation fee, feed fee, set-up fee)
 Accommodation: Sazanamikan Dinner venue: Isone sushi (Futtsu specialty "Hakarime-don")

◆ If you do not have a tackle ◆
We rent or sell at this event.
Rental ⇒ 1 yen per day
New purchase ⇒ 4,000 yen
*If necessary, please let us know when you call us.

<Number of applicants>
30 people each day (up to 20 people can stay overnight)

8th (Sat) Meet at the venue around 13:16 / Scheduled to end around 30:XNUMX
9th (Sun) Meet at the venue around 8:12 / Scheduled to end around 30:XNUMX
*Please come together by car or train.

<What to bring>
Drinks, cooler box, towel, rain gear, hat, sunglasses

Get a discount coupon that can be used at restaurants in Futtsu City

<About application>
Please apply by calling the Tokyo Wan Ferry sales department.
TEL: 046-830-5622

<About payment>
Same-day cash payment only

Futtsu City Tourism Association 0439-80-1291

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