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Sooka Country Club & Ferry Pack

A great pack that combines ferry walking or vehicle fare and golf 1R play

Great ticket

Contents[Walk pack]
Ferry walk round-trip ticket + XNUMXR play fee, cart fee, lunch, consumption tax
[My car pack]
Ferry passenger car round-trip ticket (XNUMX people including driver) + XNUMXR play fee, cart fee, lunch, consumption tax for XNUMX people
FeePosted below

Sooka Country Club

TEL: 0439-68-1351


Tokyo Bay Ferry Sales Department
TEL: 046-830-5622

please note
  1. Please pay the golf course usage tax at the front of the golf course
  2. Credit cards cannot be used with this pack.

Price list from March to June 2023

Walk pack

 My car pack

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