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Bicycle rental FERRY BIKE

 We will rent TREK's latest cross bike and electrically assisted bicycle at Tokyo Bay Ferry Kurihama Kanaya Terminal.
Enjoy a bicycle trip while admiring the scenery of Miura and Boso Peninsula ♪


Rental fee
※ Payment is only cash.
[Cross bike]
1-day rental: 2,000 yen 2-day rental: 3,000 yen
[Bicycle with electric assist]
4-hour rental: 1,000 yen 1-day rental: 1,500 yen

Rental method

As the number of units is limited, please apply by phone in advance.
Pre-registration contact information
[Kurihama Port] TEL: 046-835-8855
[Kanaya Port] TEL: 0439-69-2111


① Please bring your driver's license, health insurance card, student ID, etc.
② If you are under 20 years old, you will need a parental consent form.
③ The number of vehicles is limited.
④ Please bring your own security equipment such as a helmet.
⑤ Please read the bicycle rental terms and conditions on the day and sign it.
⑥ Please strictly observe the Road Traffic Act and strive for safe driving.In particular, Minamiboso has many tunnels, so please be careful when driving.
⑦ Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or thefts.