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News about Tokyo Bay Thanksgiving Day 2023

  "Tokyo Bay Thanksgiving Festival 2023" Let's get familiar with Tokyo Bay and think about future Tokyo Bay with familiar nature
"October 10st is Tokyo Bay Day". The Tokyo Bay Thanksgiving Day 1 will be held on October 10th (Sat) and 14th (Sun) at the Yokohama City Hall Atrium.
Along with that, Tokyo Wan Ferry will also appreciate the blessings of the sea and will hold an event involving SDGs that values ​​nature.

October 10st (Sun) Tokyo Bay Thanksgiving Day!Tokyo Bay Special Tour Cruise
Depart from Kurihama Port and cruise for about 4 hours to Haneda Airport. Learn about the marine environment of Tokyo Bay and SDGs under the guidance of Mr. Takashi Kimura, a marine environment expert who is familiar with the DASH coast.In addition, there is also a stall exhibition on the ship that uses locally produced and locally consumed ingredients from Tokyo Bay.
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October 10th (Sat) and 7th (Sun) Tokyo Bay Thanksgiving Day! SDGs・Beach Coming and Choi Nage Boso Tribe
It is an event to study the marine environment from beach flotsam at the natural beach cape of Minamiboso, which is the closest to the city center, receive a professional angler's lecture, throw fishing, and think about SDGs "Let's protect the richness of the sea".
Marine environment expert "Takashi Kimura", "Professional angler Kenji Hayashi", "Hunter & Haru-chan", "Beachcomming instructor Kiyoshi Jimbo"
Various people will liven up the day.
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October 10nd (Sat) and 21rd (Sun) Tokyo Bay Thanksgiving Day!A special cruise that traces the history of Mt. Nokogiri and Futtsu and Kyonan
You can enjoy seeing Mt. Nokogiri, which is a "Japan Heritage Candidate Area", Mt. It is a popular cruise with a high participation rate of elementary and junior high school students.
Disembarkation time is around 12:XNUMX noon, so you can go sightseeing as it is.
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