Kurihama ⇔ Kanaya A 40-minute cruise.

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Price list

From April 2024, 4, this is the price list after the fare revision.


Car freight charges

(Note) The above fares include the passenger fare for one driver.

  • Passenger fares apply for other passengers.
  • We do not offer discounts for persons with disabilities in car fares.
  • For trailer towing vehicles, the total length in the connected state will be applied.
  • Regarding vehicle width surcharge, if the vehicle width is 251 cm or more, 25% of the vehicle fee will be added to the fare for each additional 1 cm.
  • "Light vehicle": Light vehicles and passengers / cargo less than 4 m are eligible.
  • "Ordinary vehicle": Applies to ordinary vehicles and passengers and cargo less than 3m to less than 6m.

* If the load exceeds the vehicle length, the total length of the load will be applied.
[Vehicle restrictions]
・Height limit less than 3.8m
・Gross vehicle weight less than 40t

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Special Baggage (Motorcycle/Bicycle)

*Price categories for electric motorcycles and electric kickboards (with number registration) are as follows, depending on the rated output.
・Rated output 1kw to 20kw → Motorcycle 750cc or more
・Rated output 0.6kw to less than 1kw→motorcycle less than 750cc
・Rated output less than 0.6kw → Moped bicycle

*If you ride a tandem bicycle, the fee will be as follows.

Tandem bicycle + XNUMX passengers → Bicycle fee x XNUMX units
Tandem bicycle + XNUMX passenger → Bicycle fee x XNUMX vehicle + additional fee

(Note) The above fares include the passenger fare for one driver.

  • Passenger fares apply for other passengers.
  • There are restrictions on boarding (number, size, etc.) during stormy weather at sea.
  • Customers who put their bicycles in a wheel bag and board on foot are kindly requested to leave the bicycle in the wheel bag and disembark from the ramp when disembarking. (If you put it in a wheel bag, you can board at the passenger fare)

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Passenger fares and regular passenger fares

Passenger fare

  • Adult fares apply to those over XNUMX years old. (Before entering junior high school at the age of XNUMX, the fare will be for children)
  • Child fares apply to children aged XNUMX to XNUMX years old. (Before entering elementary school at the age of XNUMX, it will be treated as an infant)
  • Up to XNUMX infants (under XNUMX years old) are free of charge per adult or child. From the third person, the fare will be for children.
  • One-way passenger fare is half price for those who have a disability certificate and one caregiver.Please see various discounts for details.

Regular fare

Of the ferryGreen room 

1 room charge 3,300Yen

There are green rooms in "Kanaya Maru" and "Shirahama Maru". One room can accommodate up to 1 adults.
The sales time of the green room is only during the business hours of the shop on board.
*The 6:15am departure from Kanaya Port and the 19:15pm departure from Kurihama Port are not available. Please note.

When boarding from Kurihama Port ... Kurihama BranchTEL 046-835-8855
When boarding from Kanaya Port ・ ・ ・ Kanaya BranchTEL 0439-69-2111

Shirahamamaru Green Room (image)

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Keikyu connecting ticket (sold only at Kanaya Port)

Tickets for Kanaya Port - Kurihama Port - Keikyu Bus - Keikyu Kurihama Station - Keikyu Line destination station can be purchased at Kanaya Port.
Please purchase at Kanaya Port.
(The price list will be from October 2024, 4.)



Various discounts

Disability discount

The one-way fare is half the price for the person who has a disability certificate and one caregiver.

*Half price of 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children  

Please show your disability certificate at the counter.
The discount for people with disabilities is only applicable to passenger fares.
◆ Eligible for discounts for people with disabilities ... Physical / mental / rehabilitation
◆ Digital Disability Certificate
You can use "Mirairo ID".

Group discount fares


  1. Even if the above two or more groups are mixed and one of them has less than 15 people, if the total number of people is 15 or more, it will be treated as a group and the individual discount fare will be applied.
  2. For student group applications, the school principal's exemption application is required.Student ID is not accepted.Student Group Application Form Form "Here"
  3. Leaders (faculty and staff) are included in the members of the organization and apply the same discounted fares.
  4. For leaders of groups other than students (children's associations, etc.) 1.Treat in the same way as. * There is no free treatment for group guests.
  5. The discount for people with disabilities is half the one-way fare. * Half price of 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for elementary school students.A separate application for exemption is required for groups of people with disabilities.Click here for the exemption application
    * Reservations are limited to buses and group guests.Passenger cars will be boarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
    ◆ Acceptance of boarding reservations Only bus groups will accept reservations from XNUMX months before the boarding month.Bus group boarding reservation application "here"
    If the reserved car has not arrived within 15 minutes before boarding, it will be considered as canceled.
    ◆ Vessel tickets (coupons) that have not been contracted with us cannot be used.

Sightseeing discount (only one round trip * You cannot disembark at the partner port)

Please spend an elegant time on board (about 1 minutes per round trip).
Depart Kanaya Port (boarding) → Approximately 35 minutes → Kurihama Port Approximately 20 minutes berth (disembarkation not possible) → Approximately 40 minutes → Arrive at Kanaya Port (disembarkation) Depart Kurihama Port (boarding) → Approximately 40 minutes → berth at Kanaya Port approximately 20 minutes Disembarkation not possible) → Approximately 35 minutes → Arrive at Kurihama Port (disembarkation)

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About refund

Unused ticketsWithin the valid periodRefunds can be made at the counter.
<General period>
One-way ticket ・ ・ ・ 2 days (including ticketing date)
Round-trip ticket ・ ・ ・ 7 days (including ticketing date)
Coupon ticket ・ ・ ・ 6 months (including ticketing date)

・ If the return flight is canceled, you can use it from either port within 6 months from the date of ticket issuance (refunds are also possible).
・ Tickets will be refunded only if the remaining number is 2 or more.

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please note
  1. No advance reservation is required for boarding.
  2. Customers who use it on foot should purchase a boarding ticket in the same way as a train, and board by the departure time.
  3. Customers using a car will board in the order of arrival.
  4. If you are traveling by car, we will check the charge classification.Please declare the vehicle type (light vehicle, ordinary car) at the window and purchase a boarding ticket.
    *If the load exceeds the vehicle length, the total length including the load will be applied.
    * Please present the vehicle verification only for special vehicles (campers, etc.).
  5. If it is an ordinary car, about 100 cars can be boarded on one ship.The number varies depending on the size of the car.
  6. The car will be on board about 20 minutes before the departure time.Passengers will also be able to board and disembark while in the car.
  7. About 24 motorcycles can be boarded on one boat.Please be ready 30 minutes before the departure time as you will be boarding earlier than the car.
  8. There are restrictions on boarding during stormy weather at sea.Please note that there are restrictions on the number of vehicles and high loads, and on motorcycles there are restrictions on the number and size of motorcycles.
  9. Pets are allowed on board (free of charge).Please use the lead.Please refrain from bringing it into the cabin of the ship.Please relax on the deck of the ship.If you use a gauge, you can also use it in the room.
  10. You will have to go up the stairs from the vehicle deck on the 1st floor to the guest rooms on the 1st floor.Wheelchair users and people with disabilities are provided with walking slopes.Please contact the counter or the staff.